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Step 1

We’ll Discuss Your
Needs and How
the Process

Step 2

We’ll Tell You
What Information
and Documents
We Need

Step 3

We’ll Submit
Your Application
and Get It

Intimidated by the mortgage process?
Have low income? Bad credit?

At Mint Capital, we’ll help you get approved for your dream home. Show us the home you would like to purchase and we’ll advise you on the best options to make it yours. Our team has an unmatched, deep understanding of the mortgage application process and the strongest selection of loan options that other brokers aren’t aware of or cannot access.

We have helped countless clients close on homes that they were previously told were out of reach. Let us work on your behalf and get it done!

There are programs that don’t require showing any tax returns, even if you have low income!*

There are programs that offer up to 97% financing. You can get a $300,000 mortgage with only a $9,000 down payment!*

The minimum credit score needed to get a mortgage for conventional loans is 620 – but FHA allows scores as low as 580!*