That’s Why We’re The Most Referred Mortgage Brokers

I promise to treat you with utmost respect and sincerity. I will tell you only the truth and will not hide any issues from you – ever.

Respect means treating the client in a calm, collected manner, without losing your cool. Sincerity goes beyond simply being honest. It means that there’s absolutely no deception, no gray areas or white lies. Being respectful and sincere means that you will be upfront and not intentionally withhold information. You will not quote prices based on what the client looks like or the car he drives. This first promise is an offshoot of “Treat others like you want to be treated yourself”. Just like you want others to be completely transparent with you, you do the same for your clients.

Unfortunately, in this industry – although not in this company – some Loan Officers tend to lie. Why? Sometimes it’s to cover up for their incompetence or lack of knowledge. Sometimes it’s to evade taking blame. There are various excuses for this.

When you take a pledge not to lie, however, it forces you to be honest, and to make sure that you are not messing up (so there is nothing to cover up later). It also reminds you that the truth always rises to the top and will be found out!

If you ever feel the need to lie, ask yourself, why did this happen? Why am I in a situation where it’s unpleasant for me to own up to the truth? Sometimes, the only thing you did wrong was that you mismanaged expectations. For example, if you need two days for something, give yourself room for error and say three days. Try to plan ahead and avoid any potential pitfalls that might get you into an undesirable situation.

In all honesty, lying is against the Torah! Why do we even have to take such a pledge to begin with, since we’re all B”H Torah observant? Even from a basic moral standpoint, lying is wrong. However, some people sadly get into the habit of glossing over the truth, or even blatantly lying, and that is why we need a constant reminder that we stand for the truth, and nothing but the truth!

Promising to always tell the truth might push us to work harder and to be as meticulous as possible when handling a file, but this will also result in us becoming more quality Loan Officers, and curating a loyal and trusting client base.

I promise to advise and direct you to specific programs, rates and banks which are in your best interest only, and will be diligent in finding solutions to any problem that may arise.


I promise that our team or I will inform you promptly of any important status changes or updates and I will do everything in my power to meet any deadlines agreed upon




I promise that your mortgage application will never sit and wait to be worked on; I will always be proactive. I will know which step your mortgage application is on, and what needs to be done to move it to the next step.



I promise not to disclose or share any personal information or documents with people not involved in delivering your loan, without your consent.



I promise to always pick up your phone calls during regular business hours. If I am busy with another client, I will return your call within the hour. And, I will always respond to emails, text messages and WhatsApp’s within one hour. (Except when I am on focus-blocked timing.)